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Spoon and lure for trout

Spoons and Small Hard Lures for Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is an exciting activity that requires varied techniques and suitable lures. Among the options available, spoons and small hard lures are popular choices for targeting these fighting fish. In this article, we will explore these two types of lures and their benefits for trout fishing.

The spoons

Spoons are classic, versatile lures used by many anglers to target trout. Their shape and attractive movement make them effective lures for attracting the attention of trout and encouraging them to bite. Here are the main types of spoons used for trout fishing:

  1. Undulating Spoons :

    • These lures have a leaf or teardrop shape and create a vibrating swimming action when retrieved.
    • Ideal for simulating the movement of small fish or natural trout prey.
    • Effective in fast water or rivers with strong currents.
    • Choose spoons of different sizes and colors to suit fishing conditions.
  2. Spinning Spoons :

    • Featuring a rotating blade that creates light flashes and vibrations when picked up.
    • Versatile and usable in a variety of fishing situations.
    • Particularly effective in calm waters or lakes.
    • Try different sizes and colors to determine what best attracts trout's attention.
  3. Undulating Spoons with Triple Hook :

    • Popular for trout fishing.
    • Wavy shape and equipped with a treble hook to increase the chances of capture.
    • Ideal for areas with many obstacles or rocky bottoms.
  4. Paddle Spoons :

    • Have a rotating paddle-shaped blade on one end.
    • Create vibrations and flashes of light to attract the attention of trout.
    • Effective in deep water or when there is a strong current.
Small Hard Lures

In addition to spoons, small hard lures are also effective for trout fishing. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Crankbait lures :

    • Mimic small injured fish or natural trout prey.
    • Effective for exploring different water depths.
    • Choose realistic colors and adapt the size according to the situation.
  2. Jerkbait Lures :

    • Create erratic movements when animated.
    • Attract the attention of trout by simulating prey in distress.
    • Use them in calm waters or areas with obstacles.

In conclusion, whether you opt for spoons or small hard lures, the main thing is to adapt your choice according to the fishing conditions and the behavior of the trout in your region. Good fishing !

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