pêche du carnassier aux leurres

Predator fishing with lures


Predator fishing, particularly pike fishing, is an ancient practice which has evolved over time, notably thanks to the introduction of sophisticated lures. This fishing requires a deep understanding of fish habits and aquatic ecosystems.

The Basics of Lure Fishing

  1. Basic Equipment : The fishing rod must be chosen according to the type of lure used and the fish sought. Reels must be sturdy and suitable for fresh or salt water.
  2. Choice of Lures : Soft lures, such as shads or twists, are very effective for pike. You must choose the size and color of the lure according to the fishing conditions and the target species.
  3. Throwing Techniques : Mastering throwing is crucial. Casts must be precise and cover different areas to locate fish.

Specific and Advanced Fishing Techniques

  1. Surface Fishing : Using surface lures such as poppers or stickbaits can be very effective, especially early in the morning or late in the evening.
  2. Deep Fishing : Jigs and diving lures are useful for reaching fish in deeper water.
  3. Animation of Lures : The way you animate the lure is essential. Irregular and varied movements can often encourage predators to attack.

Practical advice

  1. Knowledge of the Environment : Understanding where fish feed and rest, such as seagrass beds or rocky areas, can help locate predators.
  2. Adaptation to Conditions : Weather conditions and water clarity can influence fish behavior. It is important to adapt accordingly.
  3. Safety and Respect for the Environment : Always fish responsibly, respecting local regulations and preserving fish habitat.


Lure fishing for predators is a rewarding hobby that offers a unique connection with nature. It requires a combination of technical skills, patience, and an appreciation for the aquatic environment. By adopting the mentioned techniques and tips, anglers can fully enjoy this captivating experience. Find our range of hard lures or soft lures on our store: https://fishboutiquepassion.myshopify.com/collections/leurre-dur

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