Les-10-Leurres-Incontournables-pour-la-Pêche-des-Carnassiers FISH

The 10 Essential Lures for Predator Fishing

Predator fishing is an exciting adventure that requires suitable equipment. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, here are the essential lures to have in your arsenal for targeting pike, perch and black bass.

1. The CranckBait

THE CranckBait is a versatile lure intended for semi-depth prospecting. Made of wood or plastic, it has different sizes and shapes. The stocky versions have a wider stroke, while the thin versions move in a linear manner. THE CranckBait is ideal for imitating an injured fish and attracting the attention of predators.

2. The SpinnerBait

Originally from the United States, the SpinnerBait is an atypical but formidable lure. It is effective in congested areas and seagrass beds. Equipped with one or two spoons above, it combines color, noise, vibration and flashes thanks to its skirt. All the senses of predators are on alert when they see this lure.

3. The Jig

THE Jigging looks like SpinnerBait , but its use is different. With its vibrant skirt, it explores the bottom. Used vertically or linearly, it emits vibrations which attract predators. THE Jigging is particularly effective for black bass.

4. The Swimbait

THE Swimbait imitates a moving fish and is very popular with pike. It comes in different sizes and colors. Use it with various animations to arouse the interest of predators.

5. The Jerkbait

THE Jerkbait is a suspended lure that imitates a fish in distress. He moves erratically when brought back. Pike and perch often cannot resist this jerky action.

6. The Bait Creature (Crayfish)

The crayfish is a realistic bait that attracts pike and black bass. Its shape and claws suggest easy prey. Use it near obstacles and submerged structures.

7. The Popper

THE Popper is a surface lure that creates splashes when reeled in. It is ideal for surface attacks on black bass.

8. The Shad

THE Shad is a soft lure in the shape of a fish. It is effective for perch and pike. Vary the retrieve speed to find the best action.

9. The Lipless Crankbait

THE Lipless Crankbait is a lure without a bib that dives quickly. It is excellent for exploring deep areas and seagrass beds.

10. The Stickbait

THE Stickbait is a floating lure that imitates a fish on the surface. Use it for black bass and perch.

In summary, diversify your lures depending on the conditions and target species. Don't forget to adapt your animation technique and vary the colors to maximize your chances of success. Good fishing ! 🎣

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