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Soft lure kit x10 pcs

Soft lure kit x10 pcs

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Soft Silicone Fishing Lures for Fishing Enthusiasts

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you will love our 10 pieces of soft silicone fishing lures . Here's why these baits are essential for your fishing trips: 

  1. Realistic Texture and Versatile Movement  : These lures are designed with a very realistic texture that perfectly imitates fish. Their movement is versatile, making them irresistible to aquatic predators.

  2. Realistic Action  : Their action in the water is striking. They make short, sharp, jerky movements, attracting the attention of hungry fish.

  3. All Season Adaptability  : Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, these lures are suitable for all seasons. They are effective in all conditions.

  4. Varied Water Depths  : Whether you're fishing shallow or deep water, these lures fit the bill. Their versatile design makes them perfect for different situations.

  5. Tail Sensitivity  : The queue of these lures is very sensitive and reacts at any speed. It adds extra realism to your fishing approach.

Technical Specifications  :

  • Weight of the item  : 0.7 g (for the 3.5 cm version) / 1.3 g (for the 5.5 cm version)
  • Length of the article  : 3.5 cm (short version) / 5.5 cm (long version)

Add these lures to your fishing tackle box and prepare for some exceptional catches!

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