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KIT Soft lure x6 pcs

KIT Soft lure x6 pcs

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Soft Fishing Lures Set for Pike Enthusiasts

If you are a fan of pike fishing, our set of 6 pieces of vinyl fishing bait is a must-have choice. Here's why these lures are perfect for your fishing trips:

  1. Realistic Imitation : These lures are designed to look like real fish. Their shape and details perfectly imitate pike's favorite prey.

  2. Versatility : Whether you're fishing freshwater or saltwater, these soft baits are suitable for all conditions. Their soft rubber material makes them flexible and realistic in the water.

  3. Optimal Size : With a length of 9 cm and a weight of 4.1 g, these lures are the ideal compromise between small and large baits. They are easy to handle and attract the attention of predators.

  4. Spiral Tail : The spiral split tail creates vibrant and irresistible movements. It simulates the movements of an injured fish, inciting pike to attack.

  5. Essential Fishing Accessories : Add these lures to your fishing accessories box. They are perfect for pike enthusiasts looking to maximize their catches.

Technical Specifications :

  • Longueur : 9 cm
  • Poids : 4,1 g
  • Material : Soft rubber

Prepare for memorable moments on the water with these vinyl lures!

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