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Balance for Fishing

Balance for Fishing

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Fishing Balance

The electronic hanging fish scaleis an indispensable companion for any serious angler. Here's why you should add it to your gear:

  1. Measuring Accuracy : This scale can weigh up to 50 kg with a accuracy of 10 g. You will know exactly how much your catch weighs, whether it is a trout or a pike.

  2. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) : The backlit LCD screen clearly displays the weight of your fish, even in low light conditions.

  3. Retractable Measuring Tape : Measure the length of your socket accurately with the built-in 100 cm measuring tape . Ideal for checking if your fish reaches legal size!

  4. Portable and Compact : This ladder fits easily into your fishing bag or pocket. It is ready to be used during your fresh or salt water outings.

  5. Versatility : Whether you are fishing in a river, lake or sea, this ladder is suitable for all situations.

Technical specifications :

  • Weight Capacity : 50 kg
  • Measuring Accuracy : 10 g
  • Length of Measuring Tape : 100 cm
  • Alimentation : 2 piles AAA (non incluses)
  • Material : Durable ABS plastic

Add this scale to your fishing gear and be ready to accurately measure your catch on your next outings!






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