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Trout Spoon KIT

Trout Spoon KIT

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Stream Trout Spoon KIT

Metal Fishing Spoons Kit

This fishing spoon kit is a versatile choice for fishing enthusiasts. Here are the essential features:

  1. Various Colors: The kit includes three different colors of spoons. You can alternate between them to attract the attention of fish in different water conditions.

  2. Sturdy Material: Made of high-quality metal, these spoons are durable and resistant to corrosion. They are ready to face the rigors of fishing.

  3. Strong Hooks: Equipped with high carbon steel treble hooks, these spoons ensure a solid grip when the fish bites.

  4. Various Weights: Each spoon has a specific weight, suitable for different situations:

    • 5g/6#
    • 6g/6#
    • 8g/4#
    • 10g/4#
    • 14g/2#
    • 15g/2#
  5. Important Numbering: Note that the numbers on baits of different weights are also different. For example, the number 5g1 corresponds to a 5 gram spoon.

Whether you're fishing in flat water or a river, this kit gives you a variety of options to tempt fish!

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