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Lure storage box

Lure storage box

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Your fishing storage box 

is an essential accessory for fishermen keen to organize their equipment. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Multi-compartment lure box : This rigid plastic box offers several compartments to store your lures, swivels, sinkers and hooks. The transparent lid allows you to quickly view the contents. Ideal for keeping your accessories tidy during your fishing trips .

  2. Waterproof Box with Swivel Trays : This compact box is perfect for anglers on the move. Swivel trays provide easy access to your small accessories. Its waterproof construction protects your equipment from splashes and humidity .

  3. Soft EVA Bait Box : Lightweight and flexible, this box is ideal for storing your baits, baits and flies. It fits easily into your fishing bag. Choose the one with a cover for extra protection .

Whatever your preference, a well-chosen storage box will allow you to keep your accessories close at hand and optimize your fishing sessions.

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