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Imitation earth glass box

Imitation earth glass box

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Formidable earth glass imitation KIT for trout, chub and other white fish

Solid, flexible, unrivaled quality and price

2 Choices: 8 or 10cm 

Earthworm lures are baits prized by fishermen for their effectiveness in fresh water. Compared to other baits, earthworms have the advantage of moving more intensely over small areas, thus attracting medium-sized fish. These lures mimic the shape, texture and color of real earthworms. Here are some options available:

  1. Soft Plastic Lure : These earthworm imitations are designed to entice fish with a realistic appearance. They can be used in fresh water or at sea, alone or associated with real worms. Particularly suitable for trout fishing and vertical catfish fishing .
  2. Biomimetic silicone lure : These lures faithfully reproduce plastic red worms. Their irresistible movement attracts fish, making them a wise choice for freshwater fishing enthusiasts 2 .
  3. Fine tail soft plastic lure: Ideal for precise fishing, this lure imitates earthworms and can be used on a jig head, as a drop shot or as a jig trailer
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