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Fishing Creel

Fishing Creel

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Foldable and Durable Fishing Net with 5 Layers

The fishing basket is an essential accessory for any serious angler. Here's why you should add it to your gear:

  1. Versatility of Sizes : With its 5 layers, this net offers enough space to catch fish of all sizes. sizes. Whether you are fishing for carp, white fish or pike, it is ideal.

  2. Resistant Material : Made of durable canvas, this hamper is strong and reliable. It resists harsh conditions and protects your catch.

  3. Easy to Use : The foldable design makes it easy to store and carry. It deploys quickly when you need to store your fish.

  4. Preservation of Fish : Unlike old iron models, this keepnet avoids harming fish. Your catch stays in tip-top shape until you get home.

  5. Sealing : It preserves your fish properly and guarantees their freshness. You can fish with peace of mind, knowing that your catch is well protected.

Technical specifications :

  • Number of Layers : 5
  • Material : Durable canvas
  • Dimensions : Adapted to all types of needs
  • Use : Coarse fishing, sea fishing, on boats, etc.

Add this keepnet to your fishing gear and be ready to catch fish of all sizes!











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