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New! BUZZ Bait

New! BUZZ Bait

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The buzzbait type fishing lure

It is a surface fishing tool designed to create visible and audible vibrations and ripples on the water surface. Its main feature is a metal propeller which, when pulled through the water, spins rapidly and produces a distinctive buzzing sound, hence its name. This noise imitates the movement of small fish or insects struggling on the surface, which attracts the attention of predators.

The usefulness of the buzzbait lies in its ability to stimulate the aggressive reflexes of predatory fish, such as pike, bass or musky, inciting them to attack the lure. Its surface presentation helps avoid getting caught in underwater grass or debris, making this lure particularly effective in crowded areas or areas with dense vegetation.

To optimize its effectiveness, the angler must adjust the retrieve speed to keep the lure on the surface while maximizing the vibrations and noise produced by the propeller. The buzzbait is often used in periods of low light, such as early morning or late evening, when predatory fish are more active and likely to hunt on the surface.


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