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Small crankbait for trout and perch

Small crankbait for trout and perch

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Crank bait

Product Features:
1. Two Types of Lip Design
2.3D laser technique Multi-layer coating 
3. Forward Center of Gravity: Obtain good obstacle avoidance ability
4. Streamlined Design Stable Laying, Far Casting: Swing Action, Sound Attraction

Product details:
Type of lure:
Crankbait Weight: 6g/6.5g
Lure length: 65mm/75mm
Feature: T-shaped lip/U-shaped lip

The crankbait is a hard, chunky and versatile lure, essential for fishing enthusiasts. Its characteristic shape, with a bib, allows it to dive to different depths. Imagine it sliding through the water, vibrating and imitating a wounded fish. 

 The crankbait is a faithful companion for rapid prospecting, slipping between bottom obstacles. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this lure promises you new sensations throughout your fishing adventures. 

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