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Echo sounder. Fish finder

Echo sounder. Fish finder

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1) Screen: 2-inch TN/ANTI-UV LCD

2) Backlight: white LED

3) Depth capacity: 328 feet (100 m)

4) Power requirements: 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

5) Waterproof design: level 4 (spray-waterproof)

6) Show water depth, fish location, bottom grass and rock

7) User selectable sensitivity, depth units and fish alarm setting

8) Operating temperature: 14degF to 122degF (-10degC to 50degC)

Please place the cable transducer in the fishing location.

The monitor displays information from sonar sensors that detect water and fish.

The transducer can detect water up to 100m and 45 degree beam angle at 200kHz.

1. Sensitivity indicator
2. Battery saving on/off
3. Fish alarm on/off
4. Configuration key 5. Indicator
battery power
6. Water depth indicator 7.
Backlight on/off
8. Fish Depth Indicator
9. Press Enter
10. Start / stop

1. Float

2. Transducer

3. Cable

Different ways of fishing:

1. Night fishing probe
2. Murky water probe
3. Ice fishing sonde


1. Please remind that FFC1108-1 only has wired mode and you cannot match the sensor and monitor randomly.

2. Please use the deep water fish finder outdoors.

3. The monitor cannot display the size of the fish.


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