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Imitation of Balam

Imitation of Balam

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Imitation of Balam 245

245mm Floating and Sinking Jointed Fishing Lure for Big Baits

If you are looking for a versatile bait for fishing for bass, pike or other big fish, look no further! Our 245mm fishing lure is designed to attract the attention of underwater predators.

Key features  :

  • Speak clearly  : This lure perfectly imitates the movements of injured prey, making it irresistible to hungry fish.
  • Floating and Sinking  : You can use it at different depths depending on your needs. Let it float on the surface or make it dive deeper to target active fish.
  • 19 Colors  : Choose from a variety of shades to match water conditions and fish appetite.
  • Giant and Durable  : With its 245 mm long, this lure is a real giant bait. Its solid construction ensures that it will withstand the most intense fights.

Add this lure to your fishing tackle box and prepare for memorable catches! Order now and take advantage of our special offer with free delivery.


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