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100% Fluorocarbon any size

100% Fluorocarbon any size

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Fishing line Fluorocarbon  

Fluorocarbon is a commonly used material for fishing lines. Here is a summary of the important features of a fluorocarbon fishing line:

  1. High sensitivity and impact resistance: Fluorocarbon provides excellent sensitivity, allowing you to detect the most subtle bites. Additionally, it resists shock well, which is essential when fighting powerful fish.

  2. Wear Resistance: Made from fluorocarbon polymer, this line is durable and resists abrasion caused by underwater obstacles such as reefs and fish teeth.

  3. Low visibility: Fluorocarbon has a refractive index similar to that of water, making it almost invisible underwater. This makes it ideal for fishing in clear waters.

  4. Low ductility and fast sinking speed: Fluorocarbon line has little elasticity (low ductility), which allows it to sink quickly to the target water layer. Its increased sensitivity allows you to instantly feel the touches.

In short, fluorocarbon fishing line is a reliable choice for anglers who care about performance and discretion. 



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