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Soft lure 23.5cm with large paddle

Soft lure 23.5cm with large paddle

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Soft lure


  • Natural swimming action

  • Realistic 3D eyes

  • Detailed hand painted colors to attract fish.

  • Big T tail fluctuates sharply

  • More likely to attract the attention of the target fish

  • Fine workmanship, reliable quality

  • Length: 235 mm (9.25")

  • Weight: 70 g (2.47 oz)

  • Color: 8 colors

List of packages:

  • Fishing lure 1 piece

It is a lure dedicated to pike and catfish fishing. Its main feature is its paddle tail which generates powerful vibrations in the water. This comma-shaped tail displaces a lot of water when retrieving, thus attracting the attention of surrounding predators. Don't forget to adapt your rig with a jig head adapted to the size of the lure for an optimal experience. Whether you are targeting pike, catfish or other large predators, this lure will seduce them with its realism and vibrating action.



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