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Imitation minnow for trout

Imitation minnow for trout

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Mini fishing lure minnow

The type of lure is a minnow fishing bait. Minnows are popular prey for many predatory fish. This lure measures 42mm, making it ideal for targeting medium-sized fish. Weighing 3 g, it sinks slowly in the water, attracting the attention of fish. Its swimming depth is sinking, which means it can reach different layers of water depending on your animation.

Made of ABS plastic, this lure is durable and resistant to wear. It is available in 8 colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your fishing conditions. Equipped with 10 treble hooks, this lure offers a better chance of catching your next catch. The3D eyesadd extra realism, further attracting fish.

Packaged in one piece, this lure is ready to accompany you on your fishing adventures. 

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