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KIT Chatterbait x5pcs

KIT Chatterbait x5pcs

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KIT Chatterbait

Main material: Zinc alloy

2 Possible choices: 10 or 14g

5 different colors, solid and formidable 

Chatterbaits, although relatively unknown, are extremely effective lures for fishing for black bass and pike. Made up of several elements, these lures offer a unique combination to attract predators.

  1. The Vibrating Skirt: Similar to a soft lure, the skirt emits gentle vibrations that imitate a moving fish. It is ideal for attracting the attention of predators.

  2. The paddle: The paddle, attached to the front of the lure, generates strong vibrations during recovery. These vibrations travel through the rod, attracting curious fish.

  3. The aerodynamic shape: The chatterbait planes and undulates in the water, which makes it perfect for prospecting the edges of water lilies and seagrass beds.

  4. Versatility: Whether you are fishing in a lake or a river, the chatterbait can attract zander, pike and perch.

  5. 5 Lure Kit: This kit gives you a variety of colors and sizes to suit different fishing conditions.

In short, this chatterbait kit is an essential asset for any avid angler looking for a captivating experience on the water. 


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