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Flat spoon KIT x10 pcs

Flat spoon KIT x10 pcs

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5 KIT to choose from, different colors, different sizes to choose from 

Main material: Zinc alloy

This spinning spoon kit is an ideal choice for predator fishing enthusiasts. Made up of 10 assorted spoons, it will accompany you in all your trout and even perch fishing sessions.

Each spoon has been carefully studied and tested to guarantee optimal effectiveness. Its carefully designed shape allows perfect rotation upon contact with water. Whether you fish in currents or calmer areas, this spoon will attract the attention of fish.

 In addition, the treble hook ensures successful hooking in all circumstances.

In summary, this spinning spoon kit is a wise choice for fishing enthusiasts looking to maximize their chances of success. Whether you are a novice or experienced, these spoons will accompany you on your waterside adventures. 

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