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Trout lure

Trout lure

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Lure for trout




Sinking Lure Kit for Predator Fishing

This sinking lure kit is specially designed for trout and pike fishing enthusiasts. Here are the essential features of this kit:

  1. Lure Design : Each lure features a super flat side body which generates a powerful flashing and pushing effect in the water. Its natural swimming attracts the attention of predatory fish over a large area.

  2. High Frequency Tremors : When the lure enters the water, it emits high frequency tremors, imitating perfectly the behavior of dying fish. This realistic action encourages predators to bite.

  3. Swimming Stability : Thanks to its design with a low center of gravity plate, the lure maintains a good posture stable swimming. This allows for a consistent and attractive presentation to the fish.

  4. Stable Swimming and Wave Movement : The natural rolling of the lure creates stable swimming and an irresistible wave movement. Predators will not be able to resist this underwater seduction.

  5. Visual Realism : Realistic painting and vivid 3D eyes add an authentic touch to these lures, enhancing their attractiveness.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fisherman, this kit gives you a variety of lures for successful fishing adventures! 

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