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Lure Kit

Lure Kit

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Realistic Immersive Fishing Lures KIT (3 Pieces)

Immersive fishing lures are designed to attract the attention of even the most wary fish. Here's why you should add them to your fishing gear:

  1. Realistic 9-Joint Design : The main body of these lures is divided into 9 parts, perfectly imitating the movement of a real fish. Made of high quality ABS material, they sink slowly, swing and swim realistically.

  2. 3D Eyes and Pearl Coating : Realistic 3D eyes and pearl coating make these lures more visible and attractive to predators. You will increase your success rate and no longer go home empty-handed.

  3. Vibrating Function : Equipped with a built-in steel ball, these freshwater lures provide low-frequency vibrations when in motion. They attract attention visually and aurally.

  4. Triple Treble Hooks : The head and tail of these lures feature barbed hooks. No matter where the bite takes place, they will hold the fish's mouth firmly without damage.

  5. Wide Range of Target Species : Whether you're fishing in fresh or salt water, these lures are suitable for a variety of species such as bass, perch, walleye , pike, muskellunge, trout and many others.

Technical specifications :

  • Longueur : 10 cm
  • Poids : 10 g
  • Number of Pieces : 3 pieces
  • Swimming Depth : 2 feet - 8 feet
  • Materials : Japanese hard ABS plastic, alloy steel, pearl powder coating, 3D eyes, rattle, hooks

Add these lures to your tackle box and get ready for exciting waterside adventures!











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