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KIT Imitation minnow lure x10 pcs

KIT Imitation minnow lure x10 pcs

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KIT lure imitation minnow


Trout fishing is a subtle art, and the choice of lures is essential to guarantee a good catch. This hard lure kit offers a variety of options to entice those wary fish. Here's what you'll find in this pack Bait Type: Minnow

Main material: PVC

10 small swimming fish for fishing for trout, black bass and perch.

Terrific for all small predators

Minnow Swimbaits: These lures perfectly imitate the small forage fish that trout target. Their lifelike swimming and resemblance to real prey are crucial to fooling even the most wary trout.

In summary, this hard lure kit for trout will allow you to explore different techniques and vary the colors without having to buy a complete pouch. Good fishing !


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