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Soft predatory lure KIT x10 pcs

Soft predatory lure KIT x10 pcs

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KIT soft lure


It is a versatile set designed to appeal to wary predators. This soft lure KIT is formidable for all medium-sized predatory species. It is made of high quality PVC lures. Here are the details of this kit:

  1. 60 mm lure :

    • Poids : 2,5 g
    • Quantity: 10 pieces
  2. 76mm lure :

    • Poids : 3,2 g
    • Quantity: 8 pieces
  3. Lure of 100 mm :

    • Poids : 7,5 g
    • Quantity: 6 pieces

These soft lures are suitable for different fishing techniques. Their realism and variety of sizes will allow you to explore various situations without having to buy a complete pouch. Whether you are targeting perch, zander or other species, this kit offers you a practical and economical solution for your fishing trips.

Colors and sizes of your choice.


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