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Finess type soft lure KIT

Finess type soft lure KIT

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Ultra Realistic Fishing Lure for Fishing Enthusiasts

Are you looking for a bait that will fool even the most wary fish? OUR silicone fishing lure is the answer to your expectations. Here's why it's essential for your fishing trips:  

  1. Ultra Realistic Details  : This lure features scale patterns, gill plates, 3D eyes and a flash leaf inserted into the belly. Fish will not be able to ignore this bait. They will mistake him for authentic prey.

  2. Realistic Swimming Action  : When you drag it through the water, this lure perfectly imitates the movements of a fish. Its resistant forked tail creates kicks and movements, driving fish crazy and inciting them to attack.

  3. Versatility  : Whether you're drop shooting or looking to fish light rigs without weeds, this lure is your ally. Even the simplest setup will turn it into a bass magnet.

Technical Specifications  :

  • Material  Silicone
  • Length  : Not specified (optimal size to attract predators)

Add this ultra-realistic lure to your fishing tackle box and prepare for exceptional catches!

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