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KIT Soft lure x6 pcs

KIT Soft lure x6 pcs

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KIT soft finesse lure

fishing lure soft artificial bait

Length of fishing lure: 120 mm

Fishing Lure Weight: 8g/piece

Fishing Lure Quantity: 6pcs

This kit is specially designed for demanding anglers looking for a subtle and realistic approach. Soft finesse type lures are perfect for targeting educated or wary fish. Here's what you'll find in this pack:

  1. Commas and micro-commas: These lures perfectly imitate the small prey that fish target. Their fluid and natural movement makes them irresistible.

  2. Artificial Eels: Basic but effective, these lures are made from a simple piece of rubber tube. They are strung on long hooks and are perfect for freshwater fishing.

  3. Bifid fish: Their realistic shape and graceful swimming make them ideal for fooling predators.

  4. Shads: These soft lures have a T-shaped tail that generates attractive vibrations in the water. They are perfect for drop shot or vertical fishing.

  5. Grubs: Their short, stocky bodies make them perfect for rigging on jig heads. They imitate small forage fish.

  6. Worms: These soft lures are versatile and can be used in different fishing situations. Their soft texture and natural movement make them irresistible to predators.

In summary, this finesse soft lure kit will allow you to explore different techniques and vary the colors without having to buy a complete pouch. Good fishing !


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