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KIT Lure twist x10 pcs

KIT Lure twist x10 pcs

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KIT Lure twist

This kit is specially designed for demanding anglers looking for a subtle and realistic approach. Soft twist type lures are perfect for targeting educated or wary fish. Here's what you'll find in this pack:

  1. Twists: These lures consist of an elongated body and one or more sickle-shaped tails. Their very specific and generally ultra-flexible tail shape comes to life at the slightest current or the slightest pull on the line. They are versatile and can be used in summer in seagrass beds, in spring or autumn on shallows. Twists and grubs appeal to all predators such as perch, zander, pike, black bass and even catfish.

  2. Animation of Twists: For the animation, nothing very complicated. The tail of these lures does all the work. A jig head, and on the way to casting and retrieving. Their tail appendage will vibrate as soon as the lure is in motion. For aficionados of seagrass and water lilies, you don't even have to put a jig head on it. A Texan type anti-grass assembly, and throw in the seagrass or water lilies. Advantage: you will (almost) not hook, the lure will fall at each gap and will tickle the pike often hiding on the lookout on these posts.

In summary, this twist soft lure kit will allow you to explore different techniques and vary the colors without having to buy a complete pouch. Good fishing ! 

Leurre souple type Sandra/Twist - FISH

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