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Jig Head KIT For Fishing x25pcs

Jig Head KIT For Fishing x25pcs

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KIT Lead Head Jig

High quality fishing hooks

Any size and weight to choose from

From 3.5g to 10g, or mixed box

Jig heads, these little jewels in the fisherman's arsenal, are essential allies when tracking predators. Here is what you can expect from such a kit:

  1. Versatility: Jig heads accommodate a variety of soft lures, whether shads, creatures or worms. They are ideal for vertical, linear or drop shot fishing.

  2. The aerodynamic shape: Their tapered profile allows precise casts and a rapid descent to the depths. Whether you're fishing freshwater or offshore, these jig heads are ready to take on any current.

  3. Secure attachment: Thanks to their integrated hook, these jig heads securely hold the soft lure in place. You don't risk losing your precious imitation fish.

  4. Variety of weights: A good kit offers different sizes of jig heads, ranging from lightest for shallow water to heaviest for abyssal bottoms.

  5. Discretion: The jig heads are discreet underwater, letting the lure shine with all its assets. They are the silent accomplices of your fishing adventures.

In short, this jig head kit is a must-have for any passionate fisherman, whether exploring rivers, lakes or sea coasts.

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