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Chatter bait

Chatter bait

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Le chatterbait


Long unknown to French fishermen, it is gaining popularity. Made up of two essential parts, it offers a unique combination to attract fish:

  1. The jig head: This part ensures the capture of the fish. Choose a simple, sharp and sturdy hook. In open water, a well-cleared hook is ideal, while in congested areas, opt for a jig head with weed control.

  2. The skirt and the soft lure: The silicone skirt gives volume to the chatterbait and comes to life at the slightest vibration. The soft lure reinforces the volume and emits additional vibrations. Shad, comma or double tail shapes are perfect for linear animation.

  3. The paddle: It emits strong vibrations which attract fish. During recovery, the palette is placed in opposition to the water, creating luminous reflections.

In short, the chatterbait is a simple, effective lure suitable for all predators. He has an erratic swimming style that does not go unnoticed, making him a valuable ally for passionate fishermen.



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