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Balam 245 HIGH quality

Balam 245 HIGH quality

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Balam 245 

The Balam 245 is a floating swimbait weighing 104 g and 245 mm .This lure, whose body is articulated in four solid parts in ABS resin with a silicone tail, is particularly interesting for searching for large pike and huge black bass.

Its design is carefully thought out: the soft silicone tail adds a fifth section, offering great freedom of movement. In fast or slow recovery, its swimming is perfect, attracting the attention of predators. The Decoy YF 33 F treble hooks in size 2/0 are robust and suitable for fighting with big fish.

Despite its imposing size, the Balam 245 moves discreetly in the water, causing visible swirls. Black bass fishermen will appreciate these commotions on the surface, while pike enthusiasts can lightly weight the lure for swimming below the surface. In short, an exceptional lure for aquatic trophy hunters!


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