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Frog lure for predator fishing in summer

Frog lure for predator fishing in summer

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Frog lure

For surface fishing for predators. Fearsome for pike, catfish and black bass during the warm months. 

Tested and approved. 8 color choices, 2 different sizes

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The frog lure, also called a frog, is a soft lure designed to resemble real frogs. Its body, legs and eyes are realistic, fooling predatory fish into thinking they are attacking a real frog rather than a lure.

Typical of surface fishing, the frog will allow you to test the patience of predators. Imagine them literally exploding on the surface on this lure! You will find different models, some with filaments instead of legs, others with a rolling action, and even perfect imitations. Some have a concave mouth to be used as a popper.

In short, a large selection of soft lures where there should be something for everyone. Whether you're fishing for pike, black bass, perch or other predators, the frog is an effective choice for moments of excitement at the water's edge.

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