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Lure imitation rat

Lure imitation rat

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This imitation rat lure swims just below the surface

1 piece



Formidable for pike and catfish fishing, see black bass 

The Imitation Rat Fishing Lure is a clever bait designed to fool aquatic predators. Inspired by terrestrial rodents, this lure faithfully imitates the characteristics of a rat, thus attracting the attention of predatory fish.

Features :

  • Realistic Appearance: The decoy features an authentic silhouette, with details such as a rat's eyes, ears and tail.
  • Natural Movement: Thanks to its articulated design, the lure imitates the erratic movements of a fleeing rat, which encourages fish to attack it.
  • Durable materials: Made of soft plastic or rubber, the lure resists biting and wear.
  • Built-in hooks: Hooks are hidden in the body of the lure, ready to grab any fish that approaches them.

Use :

  • The imitation rat fishing lure is ideal for fishing for pike, black bass and zander.
  • Cast near areas of dense vegetation, riverbanks or submerged structures.
  • Animate it by making it swim jerkily to simulate a rat in distress.

Overall, this lure is a wise choice for anglers looking for an exciting experience and a memorable catch.

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