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Minnow imitation lure

Minnow imitation lure

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Lure imitation minnow

Hard lures are valuable allies when tracking down trout in rivers and streams. Here are some essential characteristics of such a lure:

  1. The floating minnow: This small bib lure creates rapid vibrations to trigger reflex attacks in trout. Ideal for shallow water and moderate currents, it can be used in summer when fish are wary.

  2. Versatility: The floating minnow is of the suspending type, which means it can be used in different configurations. Cast it out, let it drift in the current, then bring it back in a straight line.

  3. Natural finishes: Opt for realistic colors that imitate the natural prey of trout. Highlights and shades are key to fooling these wary fish.

  4. Barbless hooks: To preserve the trout and release them in good condition, choose a lure equipped with single barbless hooks.

In short, this little hard lure is an asset for fishermen who are passionate about trout. It offers subtle and effective swimming, capable of seducing even the most cunning specimens.

a small hard lure for trout fishing, resembling those from the brand Rapala, I want this small lure to imitate a small fish under a white background with less elements. Image 2 de 4

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