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Mini lure for trout

Mini lure for trout

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Mini hard lure for trout

Weight: 3.2g

Size: 38mm
Formidable sinking minnow imitation for fishing for small predators.
This Mini lure is a wise approach when fish are in areas where the risk of snagging is too high to use a sinking lure. Its stocky silhouette and bib allow it to dive to different depths, attracting the attention of curious trout. Imagine it gliding through the water, vibrating and mimicking a forage fish. They are lures of great versatility. They imitate the forage fish present in our rivers such as juvenile trout, minnows and other minnows. Their realistic swimming and natural colors make them essential assets for trout fishing. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, these lures promise you new sensations during your adventures at the water's edge.
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