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Soft lure goby

Soft lure goby

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Size: 7cm

Weight: 14g

10 colors to choose from

This soft lure is a perfect imitation of this small forage fish. With its 7 centimeters long, it will appeal to predators who love gobies, particularly perch and zander. Equipped with a jig head, this lure can be animated in different ways. Whether you prefer a vertical approach or a cast-and-reel approach, the Goby adapts to your fishing techniques. In addition, its different colors will allow you to adjust to the specific body of water. This will allow you to target bigger fish and enjoy a captivating fishing experience. It's up to you to play and attract these aquatic predators with a realistic imitation of the goby. 


Personally tested, I totally approve of its original swimming which can be a game changer in a complex fishing game. Its hook remains hidden between the fins, allowing it not to get too caught.

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