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Soft lure Sandra or Twist

Soft lure Sandra or Twist

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11 cm


The Sandra soft fishing lure is a true legend in the world of soft lures! For almost 30 years, it has seduced both fish and fishermen. Here's why the Sandra is an essential choice:

  • Iconic Design: The Sandra is characterized by its stocky body and pierced sickle-shaped tail. This wide and very flexible tail offers captivating swimming, even at very low speed. The visual effect of a double tail attracts predators.

  • Versatility: From pike to catfish, perch and zander, the Sandra is a real lifesaver in difficult situations. It exists in different sizes (from 5 cm to 23 cm) to adapt to the desired species.

  • Wide choice of colors: Available in more than 40 colors, the Sandra allows you to vary the pleasures and optimize your chances of success.

For effective animation, choose slow linear. The Sandra is simple to use and will not fail to surprise you with its effectiveness. Add this lure to your tackle box and conquer the waters 

This lure has not finished proving its worth, for us, it is a sure value when it is complicated to find the catch of the day.

Fearsome for all large predators

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