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Mouse lure

Mouse lure

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Fishing Lure: Attract Fish with Style

If you're passionate about fishing, our mouse lure is a must-have for your tackle box. Here's why :

  1. Realistic 3D Eyes : The 3D eyes of this lure make it irresistible to fish. They will believe that delicious prey is nearby.

  2. Vibrant Colors : The colorful body of this lure is designed to attract the attention of fish. Whether it's a bass or a trout, they won't be able to resist.

  3. Realistic Action : When you drag it through the water, this lure imitates the movements of prey. Fast and realistic, it fools the most suspicious fish.

  4. Exceptional Visual Effect : The 11 colors available offer a wide choice. Choose the one that suits your fishing environment and see the results.

Technical details :

  • Model : Mouse lure
  • Colors : 11 vibrant colors

Add this lure to your equipment and prepare for memorable moments on the water! 

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