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New creation! Sub-surface trout lure

New creation! Sub-surface trout lure

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New creation! Sub-surface trout lure

 This sinking lure kit is specially designed for trout fishing enthusiasts. Here are the essential features of this kit:

  1. This floating lure measures 31 mm and weighs 1.4 g. Its design mimics a small fish on the surface, attracting the attention of trout feeding near the surface.

  2. Shallow Diving : It is ideal for shallow water. Its shallow diving action makes it effective in streams, rivers and lakes where trout hold close to the banks.

  3. Strong Hook : Equipped with a high carbon steel triple hook, this lure ensures a strong grip solid when the trout bites.

  4. Realistic Swimming : It offers realistic swimming thanks to its tungsten balancing and ABS body. It imitates the movements of an injured fish, thereby attracting hungry trout.

  5. Just in case, this lure is fluorescent! an original way to stand out from others in deeper, and therefore darker, waters

Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman, this kit will allow you to successfully target trout on your next outings!



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