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Ultimate lure for trout

Ultimate lure for trout

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LTHTUG Fishing Lure: The Ultimate Asset for Enthusiasts

Are you looking for a fishing lure that will make a difference during your outings on the water? Discover the NEW Wobbling Fishing Lure LTHTUG Design Pesca . Here's why it's essential for fishing enthusiasts: 

  1. Authentic Design  : This lure is designed with fishing expertise. Its shape, colors and details are carefully studied to attract fish.

  2. Versatility  : Whether you are fishing for pike, perch or trout, this lure is suitable for all predators. Its realistic swimming and weight of 7.5 g make it a versatile choice.

  3. Action Sinking Minnow  : When you lower it into the water, this lure imitates a wounded fish. Its irregular descent and spiraling queue captivate hungry fish.

  4. Quality Material  : Made of soft plastic, this lure is durable and resistant. It resists bites and harsh conditions.

Technical Specifications  :

  • Length  : 63 mm
  • Weight  : 7,5 g
  • Type  : Sinking minnow (sinks slowly)
  • Ideal for  : Bass, perch, pike, trout

Add this lure to your fishing tackle box and prepare for great prices! 

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