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Polarized glasses for fishing

Polarized glasses for fishing

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Polarized sunglasses 

Polarized glasses are essential equipment for any angler. Their ability to reduce glare and improve visibility underwater makes them a major asset during your fishing trips. Here is why they are essential:

  1. Glare reduction: Polarized glasses filter light reflected from the water surface, which reduces glare caused by the sun. This allows you to see more clearly and spot submerged fish and obstacles.

  2. Better underwater vision: With these glasses, you can observe the movements of fish and quickly detect their hiding places. Whether you fly or lure fish, optimal vision is essential to adjust your actions accordingly.

  3. Comfort and protection: Wraparound frames and adapted lenses provide protection against UV rays, wind, sand and other splashes. They also reduce eye fatigue, allowing you to fully enjoy your hours by the water.


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