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Flat spoon for trout fishing

Flat spoon for trout fishing

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Flat Spoon for Trout Fishing

This flat spoon is a wise choice for trout fishing enthusiasts. Here are its essential characteristics:

  1. Versatility : The flat design of this spoon allows it to swim with a subtle and realistic action. It is effective in a variety of fishing situations, whether in streams, rivers or lakes.

  2. Various Weights : Available in a range of weights, from 1.5 g to 20 g, this spoon allows you to adjust your approach depending on the conditions and water depth.

  3. Seductive for Trout : The sequins integrated into the spoon create luminous reflections which attract the attention of trout. A favorite lure among anglers, flat spoons are a safe choice for targeting these fish.

  4. Solid Hook : Equipped with a quality hook, this spoon ensures a solid grip when the trout bites.

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, this flat spoon will accompany you on your trout outings! 

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