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Nylon for trout fishing Size of your choice

Nylon for trout fishing Size of your choice

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Nylon for trout fishing


Fabric: Nylon

Resistant up to 18kg

Discreet, solid

When fishing for trout, the choice of nylon is crucial to ensure the strength of your line and increase your chances of success. Here are the main criteria to take into account when choosing the best nylon suitable for this practice:

  1. Breaking resistance: Opt for a nylon whose resistance is adapted to the size of the trout you are targeting. Generally, nylon with a strength of 2 to 6 pounds is ideal for trout fishing.

  2. Diameter: A thinner diameter provides better stealth and sensitivity, which is important when fishing for wary trout. Choose a nylon with a diameter between 0.14mm and 0.20mm for good versatility when fishing for trout.

  3. Flexibility: A soft nylon provides better sensitivity and a more natural presentation of the bait or lure. Make sure it remains flexible even in cold weather, as trout are often more active during this time.

  4. Elasticity: A nylon with good elasticity reduces the risk of stalling when fighting with trout. Look for nylon with moderate stretch for better responsiveness during sparring.

  5. Transparency: Choose a transparent nylon that blends into the aquatic environment and minimizes line visibility to trout. Avoid colored or fluorescent nylons which can scare away wary trout.

In summary, choose a nylon that combines strength, finesse, flexibility and transparency for a successful trout fishing experience!

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