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Soft lure imitation crayfish

Soft lure imitation crayfish

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40mm to 60mm

6 colors

Formidable for black bass, king perch and pike

The crayfish imitation is a very common lure on the American continent, and it is a great classic for fishing for black bass. Although less popular in France compared to swimbaits or grubs (commas), this type of soft lure deserves your full attention.

crayfish lures are designed to imitate these freshwater crustaceans. Here are some key points to know:

  1. Various prey: The crayfish is a popular prey of predators such as pike, perch, zander , black bass, catfish and even carp. Their flesh is irresistible to these aquatic predators.
  2. Variety of imitations: On the market you will find realistic crayfish lures, such as the Savage Gear “3D Crayfish”, as well as more basic options but equipped with 'an attractive swimming action, like the Yum Craw Chunk.
  3. Choice of colors: Choose natural shades, such as different shades of red, sometimes orange or purple. The goal is to best reproduce the appearance of a crayfish.
  4. Techniques of use: Crayfish often move in reverse, especially in times of danger. Cock your lures by the tail, with your head back, to simulate this behavior. The pliers undulate and produce strong vibrations in the water. Use them with jig heads, trailers on rubber jigs or chatterbaits.

In short, the imitation crayfish is a valuable asset in your tackle box. It can appeal to the most demanding predators and help you land great catches

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