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Chest-mounted cell phone holder for filming

Chest-mounted cell phone holder for filming

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Your chest-mounted cell phone holder for filming 


is an essential accessory for fishing enthusiasts who want to capture their memorable moments. Here are some key features:

  1. Practical design: This harness fits comfortably across your chest, leaving your hands free to handle your fishing gear. It's specially designed to hold your phone in place during your waterside adventures.

  2. Universal Compatibility: The stand is adjustable to accommodate a variety of smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and many others. So you can film with your favorite phone.

  3. Easy video recording: Simply clip your phone between the adjustable stands and start recording. Whether you want to document your catches, share live fishing tips, or capture stunning scenery, this mount will let you film with ease.

  4. Versatility: Use it on your solo fishing trips, with family or friends. It's also great for fishing vlogs or live streaming sessions.

In short, this cell phone holder will allow you to film your fishing adventures in a practical and immersive way. 

Main material: Polyester (polyester fiber)


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