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SWIMBAIT Hard Jointed Lure

SWIMBAIT Hard Jointed Lure

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Large Fishing Lure Bait 21cm 87g Floating 2 Sections for Pike Predators Fishing Lures Wobbler for Black Bass Fishing Bait Catfish Imitation Balam Fishing


Length: 21 cm

Weight: 87g

Action: floating

Packaging: 1 lure


The integrated steel ball inside the multi-jointed bluegill swimbait helps adjust the center of gravity and increase casting distance.

Combined with the 2 joints of the lures, it produces a particularly flexible S-shaped swimming action and is difficult for the bass to shake off in combat.

These multi-jointed swimbaits made of high quality ABS material stand up well to the wear and tear of betta fish. The metal-connected body is stronger and less likely to break, you don't have to worry that when rotating the multi-joint swimbait it will collapse.

Soft PVC fish tail for more vivid swimming movements, insert the tail into the groove at the end of the bait, no tools required, be careful of the sharp hooks of the lure when replacing the tail - we suggest wrap the lure, including the hooks, with foam or thick cloth to protect your hands when removing or inserting the tail.

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