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Vatalion slow fishing

Vatalion slow fishing

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Slow fishing

The Vatalion hard fishing lure is an essential choice for fishing enthusiasts looking for a high-performance bait. Here's why :

  1. Robust design: The Vatalion is made from durable materials that are resistant to bites and wear. It is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of freshwater fishing.

  2. Realistic swimming action: Thanks to its articulated design, the Vatalion perfectly imitates the movements of a fleeing fish. Its erratic swimming action attracts the attention of predators.

  3. Versatility: The Vatalion is effective for fishing for pike, zander, black bass and even trout. It can be used in different situations and types of water bodies.

  4. Integrated hooks: The lure is equipped with quality hooks, ready to grab any fish that approaches it. This increases your chances of capture.

In short, the Vatalion is a great ally for passionate fishermen looking to maximize their catches. Add it to your lure box and conquer the waters

Formidable for fishing for large predators, tested and approved 

5 colors available 

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